About Paranjape Agro Products (India) Private Limited

Initially M/s. Paranjape Agro Products (India) Private Limited (PAPIPL)was established in 2010 with trading intentions i.e. buying and selling of agro products mainly cashews.

M/s. Paranjape Cashew Products (PCP) which is a sister concern and owned by Mrs. Samruddhi Paranjape (Chairperson and co-founder of PAPIPL) was in cashew processing from June 2011 with daily processing capacity of 1 Ton. She also received women entrepreneur award for 2013 (Maharashtra & Goa states combined) by Sakal newspaper and MITCON.

Due to overwhelming response of customers, it was unanimously decided by management to enter into cashew processing at large scale. So M/s. PAPIPL has set up a cashew processing plant of 10 tons in Ratnagiri. This is privately owned largest cashew processing factory in Maharashtra. We process following things :

  • Cashew nuts in 32 Grades
  • Cashew nuts in 15 Flavours
  • Cashew nut Shell liquid (CNSL also known as cashew oil)

We are known for our best quality and timely supply. “Quality products at reasonable price” is our motto.

PAPIPL also welcome tourists who want to visit our factory or students for industrial visits at nominal fees. During visit we share industrial video which help you understand cashew processing over the years as well as present. Revenue generated out of it is used for betterment of our employees. It is also a part of our CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) plan. So it becomes win/win situation for both i.e. tourist as well as PAPIPL group.

So please spare some time to taste our “Paranjape Cashews” and oblige.


Hrushikesh Paranjape

Managing Director


Samruddhi Paranjape


Post completing my graduation and MBA in finance, I have served global brands like TCS and Patni Computers. While at TCS I got the opportunity to visit Canada where I was fortunate to assess the scope of cashew market. Incidentally, India is the largest exporter of cashew nuts to Canada. That was the first strike of the idea that I should start this activity as my own business venture.

Personally, I was having strong urge for business and the ever comforting corporate world always appeared to be golden cage for me. At a strategic point in my career I decided to quit my job and start my own cashew processing centre.

As it is rightly said “Theory and practical are two different things”. When we started on our own, we were excited as well as nervous. However, the overwhelming response from the well-wishers and our customers helped us progress steadily from the well-wishers and our customers helped us progress steadily and grow in confidence.

When we started, what we needed really to succeed was a three way professional approach to counter the prevailing competition.

  1. Clear focus on quality
  2. Increased quantity
  3. Both the above well supported by a smart pricing policy

In the second year of our business itself we were able to achieve turn-over of Rs 2.5 Cores by building visible market share for our product. Our plant capacity of 1 ton per day was challenged with higher productivity need by an ever increasing demand for our cashews in the domestic market.

This demand has kept on pushing us to increase our production capacity. It is further contributed by a positive force of our confidence gained over the past few years through our domain knowledge and rich market experience. In response to this positive push, we have decided to expand our business activity.

We look forward to a wonderful phase of business growth in the coming years.

We have vision to be a largest processor and exporter of Cashews by 2020.


  • To deliver a product having “Zero defect”  but positive effects.
  • To empower and encourage the employees for their and in turn Company’s betterment.
  • To gain confidence of customers by imparting the best quality with essential quantity of our products.
  • To seek the development with respect to industrial aspects for the better Indian economical growth.
  • To achieve new heights of success by enduring the challenges and accepting the opportunities’.


  • Perfection
  • Ethics
  • Positive attitude
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency