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Initially M/s. Paranjape Agro Products (India) Private Limited (PAPIPL)was established in 2010 with trading intentions i.e. buying and selling of agro products mainly cashews. M/s. Paranjape Cashew Products (PCP) which is a sister concern and owned by Mrs. Samruddhi Paranjape (Chairperson and co-founder of PAPIPL) was in cashew processing from June 2011 with daily processing capacity of 1 Ton. She also received women entrepreneur award for 2013 (Maharashtra & Goa states combined) by Sakal newspaper and MITCON. Due to overwhelming response of customers, it was unanimously decided by management to enter into cashew processing at large scale. So M/s. PAPIPL has set up a cashew processing plant of 10 tons in Ratnagiri.

We are known for our best quality and timely supply. “Quality products at reasonable price” is our motto.

PAPIPL also welcome tourists who want to visit our factory or students for industrial visits at nominal fees. During visit we share industrial video which help you understand cashew processing over the years as well as present. Revenue generated out of it is used for betterment of our employees. It is also a part of our CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) plan. So it becomes win/win situation for both i.e. tourist as well as PAPIPL group.

Our wide range of Products

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Nutrition Amount Per 100g Protein : 20.3g | Fat : 40.0g | Carbohydrate : 29.2g | Energy : 557Kcal | Total Sugar : 4.6g

    Green Chutney

    Green chutney is simple yet fantastic sweet, spicy & tangy delicacy that originated from the Indian subcontinent. If you are mint Coriander lover, this one is for you.

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    Nutrition Amount Per 100g Protein : 19.6g | Fat : 43.9g | Carbohydrate : 30.1g | Energy : 594Kcal | Total Sugar : 5.1g

      Hot Chili

      If you love spicy things, this will give you delight. Just be careful as it is not those Namby-Pamby chilly flavoured nuts and are really very spicy.

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      Nutrition Amount Per 100g Protein : 15.0g | Fat : 44.9g | Carbohydrate : 33.4g | Energy : 597Kcal | Total Sugar : 13.9g

        Khatti Mitthi Imali

        These offered cashews are prepared from pure tamarind seasoning and other natural ingredients. Though meant for pregnant ladies especially, we often find everybody asking for it.

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        Specific Gravity 300 C:0.950 - 0.970 | Viscosity 300 C in centipoises:200 max.| Moisture by weight:1.0

          Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

          It is a versatile by product of the Cashew industry.The nut has a shell of about 1/8 inch thickness inside which is a soft honey comb structure containing a dark reddish brown viscous liquid.

          Our Success Story

          नोकरी सोडून परांजपे दंपतीने उभारला कोट्यावधींचा काजूप्रक्रिया उद्योग, कोकणातील शेकडो बेरोजगारांना गावातच दिला रोजगार

          ‘उद्योगात वसते लक्ष्मी’ चा प्रत्यय देणारा कोकणातील ‘परांजपे अॅग्रो प्राॅडक्टस प्रा लि’ चा काजूप्रक्रिया उद्योग! एक काळ असा होता की, कोकणातील प्रत्येक घरातून किमान एक व्यक्ती तरी रोजगारासाठी गावापासून दूर मुंबई-पुण्यात किंवा अन्य ठिकाणी जात होती. आणि गावातील बहुसंख्य घरांचा उदरनिर्वाह त्यांनी पाठविलेल्या मनीऑर्डरवर होत असे. पण आज चित्र पालटले आहे, आडिवरे सारख्या राजापूर तालुक्यातील आडगावातुन कोट्यावधींच्या उलाढालीचा काजू प्रक्रिया उद्योग चालवला जातो आणि येथील उत्पादने देशात विदेशात बाराही महिने पाठविली जातात. त्यातून कोकणाच्या ‘समृध्दी’ चा नवा मार्ग इथल्याच मातीतल्या कष्टक-यांच्या हाती असल्याचे वास्तव जगासमोर येते. होय आपण समृध्दी आणि ऋषीकेश या परांजपे दंपतीच्या उद्यमशिलतेबाबत बोलतोय, सात वर्षात या युगलाच्या अथक मेहनत, जिद्द आणि चिकाटीतून यंदा सुमारे पंधरा कोटी रुपयांची उलाढाल त्यांच्या उद्योगात होणार आहे….

          More About us


          We have vision to be a largest processor and exporter of Cashews by 2020.


          • Perfection
          • Ethics
          • Positive attitude


          • To deliver a product having “Zero defect”  but positive effects.
          • To empower and encourage the employees for their and in turn Company’s betterment.
          • To gain confidence of customers by imparting the best quality with essential quantity of our products.

          Director’s Message:

          As it is rightly said “Theory and practical are two different things”. When we started on our own, we were excited as well as nervous. However, the overwhelming response from the well-wishers and our customers helped us progress steadily from the well-wishers and our customers helped us progress steadily and grow in confidence.

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